Claire Rosemary Jane

Claire Rosemary Jane is a renowned author of books for children and teenagers. She was born in Malvern (Worcestershire), where she spent her childhood. As Claire became older, she moved to Somerset, England, where she currently resides. The popularity of the writer, however, has spread far beyond this location. Today, Claire Rosemary Jane is known and recognized all over the world and has thousands of little fans in different countries, who are eagerly waiting for her new books. This updated website, which was built with one of the best website builders, is created with the needs and expectations of fans in mind. This is the place, where you will find interesting information about Claire Rosemary Jane, her life views and her most popular books.


Claire Rosemary Jane has been fond of reading since childhood. She was crazy about reading books when she was 8-12 years old. She spent much time in the local library, where she has found books that encouraged her to keep exploring the fantastic world of reading. These books were Enid Blyton Secret Seven, Famous Five and Adventure Series, Lorna Doone written by R.D. Blackmore etc. As she grew up, she got interested in fiction stories - those that described the events that happened in real locations. By reading the stories, Claire felt their real hero and could not contain her excitement, when she found a new book - so addicted to reading she was! No wonder, the experience she’s got in childhood, affected her further life, making her one of the most popular British writer for kids.

Life Values and Interests

Claire sees her mission in writing books for children and teenagers. She realizes how powerful childhood experience can be and she tries to reveal her life values in her stories. She has many unpublished books, which is a real luck for her fans. It doesn’t matter for Claire Rosemary Jane, how large the audience listening to her is - she is always eager to communicate with her little fans and their parents.

Apart from reading and writing stories, Claire Rosemary Jane is also fond of contemporary English and American music. There are lots of music websites and other online shops like these shopify store examples that contain her favorite songs and albums and she spends her free time enjoying these compositions. Claire is a fan of eco-friendly lifestyle and she supports all the recycling and green issues. 

Popular Books

Claire Rosemary Jane has written many books that have already gain popularity with kids and teens across the globe. Some of them are:

Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan

This is the most popular book of the writer, which was later followed by the subsequent stories. This is the educational story about the adventures of two cars, owned by a modern family. The book tells about real cars and is based on real facts. It deals with lots of issues and human values, like bravery, kindness, generosity, traffic safety, good manners etc.

Chloe's Extraordinary Telescope

This is a science fiction story, which has, however, certain differences from the classic science fiction genre. It describes the adventures of Chloe Blackthorne, a little 10-year old girl, who had a quarrel with her parents, went to the forbidden loft and found a magic telescope there that can show future. The story describes the further adventures of Chloe and her friend with the telescope. It will certainly be interesting for children.

The Boy Who Loved Robots

The story is also fiction-based and computer-related. It is about three friends, who have different problems and try to solve them in a variety of ways. Thus, the story has three threads, one of which only comes to its logic end. This makes it possible to assume that the book will soon have the sequel and kids are already impatiently waiting for it.

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