Chloe's Extraordinary Telescope

Chloe's Extraordinary Telescope is a science fiction story, which tells about a little 10-year old girl, Chloe Blackthorne, who has strict and old fashioned parents. Having quarreled with them, she once went to the loft, where she found a magic telescope that has the ability to show future. She realizes that only children can see the future, while adults can’t. One day, Chloe gets acquainted with Jack Belstone and shares the secret of the telescope with him. The kids start exploring the future using the telescope and tell about their discoveries and emotions in their school essays, which make their parents and teachers worried about their psychological condition. Having shown the kids to the psychologist, they find out that children really tell what they see. This is when adults start realizing that they behave in a wrong way, which can trigger unpredictable and sometimes even horrible consequences. The story is educative and interesting at the same time.