Why Claire Writes

Claire is the oldest child in the family. She has one sister and four brothers. Her father was a radar pioneer, while her grandfather was keen on electronics. He was involved in government research work, but he had to keep that in secret. They spent much time exploring various technologies, which could not but had its effect upon the interests children had. No doubt, Claire was so encouraged to read and then write science fiction stories that abound in technical details and are factual-based at the same time.

Prior to writing "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan", Claire thought a lot about the stories that would appeal to her teenage sons, who are already grown ups. She told them about her ideas to see how they would react to them, but she also wanted to write the book that will appeal not only to boys, but also to girls. And she succeeded at this! "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan" is written for children, who are between 5 and 10 years old and they really like it a lot!

While "Carol Corsa and Mickey Morgan" is meant predominantly for children, other Claire’s books were written with the interests of kids and adults in mind. She hopes that, having read them, parents will think more about the impact of humanity upon the surrounding world as well as about the relationships between people. Claire Rosemary Jane underlines that all her stories have emotional threads and reflect human feelings - those she has experienced herself. This is what gives special value to her books nowadays.